Vice Rectors

Halit Tanju BESLER
Prof. Halit Tanju Besler
Vice Rector

0850 283 6000
He has graduated from Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and he has got his master degree in Graduate School of Health Sciences in Hacettepe University between 1981-1988. He has continued to study for doctorate until at the end of 1991 in the Graduate School of Health Sciences and has been qualified for PhD. He has gained postgraduate education scholarship at the end of 1991 from the YÖK by Law No. 2547, Article 33 with the intend of taking doctorate at University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. He has been qualified for doctorate at University of Southampton in Faculty of Medicine in Human Nutrition Department in 1995 and has turned back to Turkey. He has become associate professor in 1996 and professor in 2003 at the same university. He has been practicing extensive educational and teaching activities in the fields of nutrition sciences and dietetics. He has been continuing the educational and research activities especially in the fields of “biochemistry of nutrition” and “metabolic and biochemical changes in nutrition related diseases”. He has conducted a great amount of postgraduate and doctorate studies. He has retired willingly on February 16 in 2016 after he has worked at Hacettepe University between September 1986-February 2016 which lasts almost thirty years. He has begun to work at Eastern Mediterranean University in TRNC as a full time faculty member in Faculty of Health Sciences. At this university he has taken charge many of administrative duties like head of department, vice rector responsible for student and academic affairs. He has left Eastern Mediterranean University willingly and he has begun to work as a faculty member at Istinye University in Faculty of Health Sciences in Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. He has worked as advisor and commissioner at many ministries like Ministry Of Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry Of National Education, Ministry Of Agriculture. He has been continuing journal refereeing for the national and international journals with the subjects of food, nutrition, and health. He has participated in the National Food Codex as a commissioner for two periods as between 2012-2014 and between 2014-2016 as a scientist delegate of the Ministry of Health. He had been member in Expertise Sub-Committee like Oil, Labelling, and Health Claim etc. He has been advisor on the issues on product development in food sector, evaluation of existing products in terms of consumers’ health, and on the concepts of healthy, adequate, and balanced nutrition. He is a science committee member in Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation in the meantime. He has received supports for many of both national and foreign projects and conducted them. He has both national and international publications and he is a member in scientific foundations and in professional associations. He is married and father of two sons.