Vision and Mission

Our Vision

At Istinye University, our vision is to share our academic knowledge produced nationally and internationally by integrating it with the different perspectives of domestic and foreign scientists, and to always act in the light of science and progress as a guide in the academic world in order to create a brighter future for our society.

Our Mission Statement

At Istinye University, our mission is to offer a university service that prioritizes humanitarian values as a basic foundation in research, planning, education and training; to contribute to elevating productive, qualified and intellectual individuals who bear the responsibility of contributing to all humanity, especially our citizens, have truly grasped the spirit of university, can freely express their ideas, are well-equipped as required by the necessities of the time, can participate in team work with the spirit of interdisciplinary collective work, have learned how to learn, are capable of analyzing knowledge, attach importance to knowledge and contribute to humankind’s effort to gain true information, are sensitive to perceive and analyze the social and technological requirements of the future, are respectful towards value judgments and diversity within society, and uphold scientific ethical values.