2023-2024 Summer School

2023-2024 Summer School will be held between July 16 and August 29. Classes will be conducted face-to-face. UNI, ATA, TRK, DIL (101&102) courses can be managed by distance education. The ECTS of the courses offered in the Summer School are the same as in the semester. All the exams will be face to face. The weekly course hours in the Summer School are twice that of the semester. Communication will be carried out through yazokulu@istinye.edu.tr.

List of Available Courses

June 14 2024, FridayAnnoucement of the courses to be opened if enough registration received
June 17 - 21 2024Eid al Adha
 June 26- July 9 2024 Course Registration
July 12, 2024Announcement of the opened couses and weekly program
July 16, 2024Beginning of Summer School Classes
16 – 19 July, 2024`Add week` to the available courses
July 19, 2024Last day for withdrawal from courses that are not opened*
August 23, 2024Last day of the classes
August 26 – 29, 2024Final Exams
September 3, 2024Decleration of the final exam results
*If a course could not be opened due to insufficient no of registration, the student can ask for a refund OR register to an available course
There is no refund for withdrawals from any course tah is declerdade to be opened.

Course Registration Procedures for ISU Students
Students can register for the courses on the Student Information System (ois.istinye.edu.tr) from the "Course Selection" tab. 
The course fee is calculated over ECTS. Students will be able to see the total amount to be paid on “Finance Information”. 
In order to complete the course registration, the tuition fee must be paid first (Financial conditions are below).
Course Registration Procedures for Other University Students
Registration and payments wil be done online at http://ois.istinye.edu.tr/basvurular/kurumdisiyazokulu. Pre-registration is not available. Registration procedures are realized upon the completion of financial obligations.
Application Procedures for an Unlisted Course
Groups that provide 8 students (minimum registration number) can request a course to be opened by applying to the summer school coordinator (yazokulu@istinye.edu.tr). The request is submitted to the evaluation of the relevant department.

The course fee is calculated over ECTS.

For Turkish Students, 1 ects is for 3000TL 

For international Students, 1 ects is for 5000TL

Students can make their payments online with virtual pos, at ISU student accounting offices by credit card, or by wire transfer/EFT method to the bank account below.
TR ID NUMBER, NAME SURNAME and "SUMMER SCHOOL PAYMENT" should be written in the explanation section.
Description: TC 123456431234, AHMET YILDIRIM, Summer School Payment

Recipient Name: İstinye University
IBAN TR59 0006 7010 0000 0035 2098 42
Branch: Yapı Kredi Bank Haliç Ticari Şubesi

Payment can be made with credit/ bank card of the following banks (no installments)

• Garanti Bankası
• Yapıkredi Bankası
• Akbank
• Halkbank
• Isbankasi

1. Summer School is for 7 weeks. 1 week will be applied as an exam/evaluation.
2. The maximum ects load that the student can take in summer school is 18.
3. Students in all grades can take summer school courses.
4. A minimum of 8 students must be registered for a course to be opened.
5. In the summer semester, students can take the course they have taken, conditionally passed or never taken.
6. If the student wishes, he/she can take double major and minor courses in the summer term.
7. It is essential that the courses offered in the summer term are taken from İstinye University. In exceptional cases, the decision of the relevant faculty / vocational school’s administrative board given upon the written application of the student is acted upon.
8. The list of courses to be opened in summer education at Istinye University will be announced on 12 July 2024. After this date, our students can apply to other universities for courses that are not on this list, that is, not offered at Istinye University. At the same time, new students can register for the opened courses.
9. For ISU students, the process to take a course from another university will be as follows:
a. The student applies to the Department/Program Head with a petition that includes the full syllabus of the course, ECTS and weekly course schedule, which he/she wants to take from another university.
b. As a result of the application examined, the decision of the Board of Directors is taken and the student is informed.
c. Upon the completion of the courses, the university posts the grades to ISU Students Affairs Department, courses are then evaluated according to the Istinye University Exemption (Equivalence) and Adaptation Procedures Directive. Decisions on exemption are notified to the ISU Students Affairs Department with the decision of the Board of Directors.
10. You can use the link for the Education Procedures and Principles regarding the summer term education.
11. You can access the Blackboard user guides from the links below for the courses to be held via distance education.

Blackboard General Knowledge: https://youtu.be/a74Iv0HvtFM
Student Homework Module: https://youtu.be/zITCIxIfRto
Student Exam Module: https://youtu.be/bPQDhMV7aMc