Institutionalization and Sense of Belonging Policy

To build the institutional structure of this university and promote a sense of belonging amongst its academic and administrative staff, this document commits to specific objectives and principles.

  • To adopt a management and organizational model that will provide appropriate academic/administrative unit structuring;
  • To carry out all administrative procedures and activities, particularly education training, research development, and community service, through written operations and defined processes;
  • To advance in decision-making processes through participation, sharing and common sense for the benefit of society;
  • To form strong governance and corporate memory by implementing effective digital transformation, integrated information management systems and document management applications;
  • To create a performance- and merit-based human resources management system for our academic and administrative staff,
  • To ensure that policies and practices are shaped by processes of quality control, accreditation and self-evaluation;
  • To foster effective communication and cooperation between academic units;
  • To encourage inter-institutional collaborations and partnerships;
  • To disseminate policies, practices and activities raising awareness of social responsibility and social benefit;
  • To implement policies and practices raising awareness of stainability and efficiency.
  • Internalizing our university's mission, vision, values and goals through activity;
  • Developing awareness and implementing lawful and ethical practices based on justice, merit and equity;
  • Planning and delivering annual in-service training according to staff positions;
  • Conducting social, cultural and artistic activities that increase and integrate internal interaction;
  • Ensuring strong communication, transparency and sharing in the internal working process;
  • Establishing performance management for academic and administrative personnel, creating career development plans and valuation and motivation policies;
  • Monitoring stakeholder satisfaction, providing feedback and engaging in continuous self-assessment and improvement;
  • Involving academic and administrative staff more in decision-making and defining their participation.