2019-2020 Academic Year English Placement and English Proficiency Exam

English Placement Exam (only for the new Medicine students)
Date: September 2, 2019 – Monday Hour: 13:00

English Proficiency Exam – ISTEP (only for the new Medicine students)
Date: September 4, 2019 – Wednesday Hour: 13.00

English Placement Exam (for all the new students in the other departments)
Date: September 23, 2019 – Monday Hour: 13.00

English Proficiency Exam – ISTEP (for all the other departments - the new students and the students who failed in ISTEP - August)

Date: September 25, 2019 – Wednesday Hour: 13.00

English Preparatory Program – The Date of the Beginning of the Lessons
September 30, 2019 - Monday

English Placement Test
All students who are registered to an English-Medium Program at Istinye University are required to take ISU Placement Test. The students are placed in language proficiency level groups based on their results in the test. The students who get 75 points or above in this test are accepted into Istinye University English Proficiency Exam (ISTEP).

English Proficiency Exam - ISTEP
Students who score 60 or above are exempted from English Preparatory Program and they start their departmental education. Students who score below 60 points study one year in English Preparatory Program.


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