Growing with Vadi

Dear students and academic members,

Our university, which has started the educational journey with Topkapı Campus and accepted the first students in 2016, is growing for you with the Vadi Istanbul Campus.

We keep going on our journey continuously to contribute to the knowledge of our age with our ever-developing educational infrastructure and R&D centres. Our university, which expands the educational fields with the Faculties of Dentistry and Communication, establishes the Vadi Istanbul Campus for education in order to serve you and the society in the best way.

Students who receive interdisciplinary education in different fields of administrative and social sciences will get closer to the sectors in which they will specialize in their professions in the Vadi Istanbul Campus. There will be the Faculties of Fine Arts Design and Architecture, Engineering; Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences; and Communication at the campus. There are a large library rich in content and study hall that will meet all the needs of our students at our campus which brings a new breath to the perception of the university with its modern building.

One of the most important issues we pay attention to while growing is to provide our students with the best opportunities in both campuses. In our campuses that we have built in accordance with the digital transformation era, all of the educational areas to be used during the lectures are included depending on the educational content of the faculties. Students will have large study places on both campuses and will be able to easily access the ateliers, research and training laboratories they will use depending on the content of the courses they will be taking.

We try to make transportation more comfortable for all the members of our university in all conditions. We connect our two campuses tightly with the continuous shuttle services we will provide between Topkapı and Vadi Istanbul campuses. We will also provide shuttle service from the central points of Istanbul to the Vadi Istanbul Campus, which is easily accessible by metro routes.

Topkapı campus, which stands out with its central location, green areas in the middle of the city and social venues; is continuing to grow day by day with the new laboratories, mini cinema, student centre and congress building. We aim to make students in the Vocational School of Health Services and the Vocational School to benefit from all the facilities of the central campus. Hence, they will be placed in Topkapı Campus with all the application laboratories and educational infrastructure.

I wish that our Topkapı Campus, which has been developing with the Faculty of Dentistry; our Vadi Istanbul Campus, which has started to await future students in the heart of the business world; and our Faculty of Communication, which will be placed in our new campus will be fortunate to the entire ISU family and our country.

Prof. Erdal Karaöz 



Faculties of Fine Arts Design and Architecture, Engineering, Economics Administrative and Social Sciences, and Communication will take place in the Vadi Istanbul Campus.

There are shuttle services departing from Sanayi Mahallesi Subway Station, Mecidiyeköy Trump and Kabataş to Vadi Istanbul Campus. (You can see the timetable to be updated on our website when the shuttle services starts.)

In addition, we will have shuttles that will provide continuous transportation between Topkapı Campus and Vadi Istanbul Campus.


Students will be able to use the dining hall in Topkapı campus if they wish, and they will have the opportunity to go to the restaurants and cafeterias of many world-renowned brands (Starbucks, BigChef, etc.) located next to our campus, when they have time left from the lectures. (For the details:

There will be a library large enough for the needs of all the students in Vadi Istanbul Campus.

All ateliers, education and research laboratories of the faculties will take their place in Vadi Istanbul Campus.

All the academics and students will be able to benefit from the Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall car park. (Parking is free.)