Spring Semester Course Registration

Dear Students,


Course registrations for the Spring Semester in Academic Year 2020-2021, will be held in on dates and hours as below.

Students other than the defined group on the days and times as written below, will not be able to login OIS. Document requests, and all other requests can be done only the course registration  date.

Plese click for the Course Registration steps.




February 8, 2021, Monday

February 9, 2021, Tuesday

February 10, 2021, Wednesday

February 11, 2021, Thursday

February 12, 2021, Friday

February 13 & 14, 2021, Saturday & Sunday


All Vocational Schools,
1st Year Students

All Faculties, 1st Year Students

All Faculties, 2nd Year Students

All Faculties, 3rd & 4th Year Students

All Vocational Schools,
2nd Year Students

All students with no course registration


Graduate Students