Research Policy

The university wholeheartedly embraces a culture of perpetual improvement across all facets of its research processes. This culture is underpinned by robust stakeholder engagement, wherein feedback from stakeholders is methodically assimilated to refine activities, representing the cornerstone of the university's policy framework.

In consonance with its overarching vision, Istinye University's research policy is delineated as follows:

  • The institution is committed to cultivating a highly qualified human resource pool, endowed with the capacity to master international developments in science and technology, to innovate novel technologies, and to convert technological advancements into societal and economic gains, while upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Leveraging the university's extensive knowledge and experience spanning a gamut of disciplines ranging from healthcare to engineering, and from fundamental sciences to social sciences, the institution is dedicated to fostering high-value interdisciplinary research endeavors through a holistic and integrated approach.
  • The university is resolute in its commitment to creating internal resources that are consonant with national development objectives and regional development priorities. This includes the development of physical infrastructure and the nurturing of a cadre of qualified human resources. Additionally, the university places a premium on effective resource allocation, ongoing monitoring, and continuous enhancement.
  • The institution is unwavering in its pursuit of augmenting the capacity and performance of administrative and academic mechanisms that facilitate research activities. These mechanisms include, but are not limited to, the Technology Transfer Office, Application and Research Centers, R&D Quality Working Group, Publication Support Unit, R&D and International Collaboration Coordination Committees, Information Resources and Library, Bibliometrics, Data Processing, and Reporting, as well as the Istinye Garage Entrepreneurship and Incubation Hub.
  • The institution is resolute in its determination to actively harness digital infrastructure solutions for the purpose of scrutinizing research data and performance, with the overarching objective of refining processes and safeguarding data integrity.
  • To augment the quality and quantity of research activities and outputs aligned with the university's research strategy, support units will be established, mechanisms for encouragement and incentivization will be developed, and educational and support programs will be designed for faculty, students, and relevant administrative personnel.
  • The university is firmly committed to the conceptualization and management of innovative, technologically advanced, and environmentally sustainable projects, underpinned by national and international funding mechanisms.
  • The university is zealous in its pursuit of enhancing collaboration with the public sector, industry, business community, and civil society, through well-crafted incentive programs and the establishment of collaborative networks. The institution is primed to foster innovative, high-impact university-industry collaboration projects that offer viable solutions to industry challenges.
  • To safeguard the intellectual property rights of knowledge, products, inventions, and other creative outputs originating from the university, mechanisms shall be systematically developed. These mechanisms shall include the protection of patents, utility models, and designs, while fostering an awareness of the patent and utility model application processes.
  • In line with national development goals and regional development plans, the university is dedicated to developing postgraduate programs that align with its strategic objectives.