2019-2020 Summer School

1- Summer School at Istinye University will be conducted by distance education method; for each course, half of the weekly hours wiil be given via synchoronized online lectures. The list of the courses that are planned to be opened can be reached from the following link.
Click for the offered courses in 2019-2020 Summer School

2- For a course to be opened, at least 8 students must register by paying the related fees.

3- In order to offer any course that is not on this list, the application of at least 8 students is a must. These applications should be made to the Registrar's Office via the e-mail address of yazokulu@istinye.edu.tr.

4- Click here for the Educational Procedures and Principles related to summer school

5- English Preparatory Program 2020 will offer “Summer School ISTEP Support Education” via distance education which is free of charge. In addition, English Preparatory Summer School will not be opened.

  1. 1. Summer education will be applied as 7 weeks of lecture and 1 week of final exam. Weekly class hour s will be twice the semester class hour.


24 June-09 July 2020

Course Request / Registration

13 July 2020

Announcement of the Finalized Courses

14-16 July 2020

Last day for withdrawal (with refund)*

20 July 2020

Summer School Start

31 July 2020

Last day for withdrawal (with no refund) **

4 September 2020

Last day of courses

7-12 September 2020

Final Exams

16 September 2020

Announcement of the Grades

* For a course that could not be opened due to lack of sufficient admission, either a refund can be demanded or another available course can be added
** No refund is made

  1. Admissions:
    1. Students of Istinye University can register through the Student Information System (OİS LINK) for Summer Term Education.
    2. In order to register for the course, the tuition fee must be paid first. Financial conditions are stated below.
    3. Information for students who will register for Summer Term Education other than Istinye University: You must fill out a petition by clicking here. You can pre-register by sending the petition and the requested attachments to yazokulu@istinye.edu.tr. You can make your payments and complete your registration according to the information in the e-mail you will be receiving.
    1. The fees are calculated on the bases of ECTS. 2019-2020 Summer School ECTS per fee (including VAT) is as follows:


Students with Paid Status; 75%, 50%, 25% ÖSYM Scholarship

Students with 100% ÖSYM





380 TL

190 TL

450 TL


200 TL

100 TL

225 TL

    1. The same fee applies for students coming other Universities. (Petition for Students to Apply from other Universities)
    2. Students can make their payments to the Student Accounting Office by credit card or to the bank account below by wire transfer / EFT methods.

It is important that in the explanation section, TR ID NUMBER, NAME SURNAME and "SUMMER SCHOOL PAYMENT" should be written. (Example: 123456431234, Ömer İstinyeli, “Summer School Payment”)

Recipient Name: İstinye University
IBAN: TR14 0010 3000 0000 0025 4804 23
Branch: Fibabanka Central Branch


Maximum 2 installments can be made with contracted bank credit cards.

    1. If the minimum number of students is not provided, the course will not be opened. The fee paid by the students will be refunded.
    2. The student who has withdrawn from the course following the beginning of the lectures, no refund will be possible.