2019-2020 Academic Year ISTEP (Istinye English Proficiency Exam) And Summer School Announcement

Spring Term Education and LAT (Level Achievement Test)

Dear Students,

As you all know, because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting all the world, the universities in our country including our university have started to offer online (distance education) lessons according to the decision taken by Council of Higher Education (CoHE).

In this period, as the English Preparatory Division, we tried to do our best and have followed up our course syllabus day by day without compromising any lesson until today, and also completed the midterm exam project assignments.

After your final term project assignments are given at the end of the spring semester, your success at your level will be determined by the grades you get from your midterm project assignments, book reports, vocabulary tasks, absenteeism and final term project assignments. Students who can get an average of 75 and above will be considered successful. In addition, a LEVEL ACHIEVEMENT TEST (LAT) will not be held.


ISTEP (İstinye English Proficiency Exam)

As a requirement to successfully complete the preparatory program, İstinye English Proficiency Exam (ISTEP) held at the end of the spring semester will be held as a face-to-face session on August 11th , 2020 due to the current epidemic. Regardless of the level, all of our students can take the exam.

However, if the conditions at that time are not suitable for a paper-based exam in classroom environment, then ISTEP may be held online. There is also possibility to hold it in September, too. Please follow the announcements from our department. For now, it is planned as mentioned above (August 11th, face-to-face).

In addition, students will be considered exempt / successful from the preparatory class if they submit their TOEFL IBT 75 overall score (not more than 2 years) to the Foreign Languages Department via e-mail by September 25th , 2020. (IELTS score is not accepted due to CoHE regulations.)

Summer School

We think that you must make the most of the period until the exam day. For this reason, our department opens a summer school under the name of "ISTEP Support Courses" in the summer term between 29 June and 24 July in order to support your exam preparation process.

The courses will be based more on practice related to reading, writing, and listening skills, which are also the basic parts of ISTEP.

The summer school is free and open to all preparatory students.

Students who will attend the training will be divided into classes according to their level. Students who fail at the end of the spring semester will be placed in classes to repeat their level.

It will NOT be a face-to-face education in the classroom environment. All the lessons in the summer term will be held ONLINE.

It is not compulsory to participate summer term education, but instructors will take attendance in order to maintain the consistency. It is fundamental to attend the lessons and keep practicing regularly in and out of the lesson to achieve your goal and start your faculty next semester.

Miss you so much and looking forward to seeing you healthy in our school as soon as possible Wish you all success and healthy days

İSU Foreign Languages Department