Important Update for Spring Semester 2021

Dear Students,

We reached the end of another academic term that kept us physically apart from each other due to the circumstances emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still taking a significant toll on people all across the world.

We successfully completed the Spring Term of the 2019/2020 Academic Year and the Fall Term of the 2020/2021 Academic Year through distance education thanks to our students’ outstanding efforts and the support of our academic and administrative staff who continue their work in great harmony under all circumstances. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the dedication you show while going through such extraordinary times and express my sincere belief in you for continuing your success in the upcoming spring term during which we will continue the distance education adventure which has become a part of our lives.

You should have no doubt that our university, which has started the distance education process through its own system without wasting any time since March 23, 2020 when universities along with other educational institutions of all levels have been obliged to distance education, will continue to provide you with the best academic and scientific environment with its constantly updated digital education contents. In this context, we will continue our lessons in the spring term through a distance education platform that is universally accepted and has the latest equipment, which is also used by many universities around the world. 
Within the framework of the measures we have taken to protect the health of our valued students and our society, we will continue to offer distance education to a large extent in the Spring Term of the 2020-2021 Academic Year (except for the Faculty of Medicine - 4th and 5th classes / interns and the departments that have to offer applicable courses to our final year students in the Faculty of Health Sciences / the hospital experience and application of our final year students in the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Vocational School of Health Services).

Apart from these, all Faculty Deanships and Vocational School Directorates are authorized to perform the courses they deem necessary such as application, laboratory, or project, in small groups provided that necessary precautions are taken. You can follow the developments in this regard through the announcements of relevant dean’s office and vocational school directorates. The statements of the authorized state institutions regarding the pandemic process are followed by us meticulously, and the changes that might occur according to the course of the pandemic and the decisions taken will be announced immediately.

We are looking forward to meeting you again on our campus, which is beautiful with your presence. Hope to have our healthy days and you back as soon as possible…

Prof. Erdal Karaöz